The Blacklist season 10: How will Reddington’s new chapter begin?

The Blacklist season 9 art

In so many ways, it is easy at the moment to label The Blacklist season 10 as a totally new beginning for the show, even if it’s not.

After all, consider where we are at the moment. We suppose that the show is kicking things off in a somewhat-new direction thanks to there finally being closure on the death of Elizabeth Keen. However, the entire premise of the season is based on old Blacklisters coming back! Basically, this is going to send the show in a slightly different direction, and in some ways introduce a new dynamic. The Task Force and Reddington used to need each other; now, James Spader’s character could need some assistance like never before.

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We know entering season 10 that these former Blacklisters are entering the picture. However, he does not know that as of yet. This poses an interesting question: Where will the story begin for the character?

At the start of the season, it would be quite nice to see something for Reddington that we haven’t seen before. Think away from Washington and with an element of peace. We heard about a lot of it in the early part of season 9, but we never quite saw it. This would be a good opportunity to see that change before we get sent right into the chaos. He could have his vacation interrupted by a former Blacklister or two, and much of the premiere could be spent watching him realize more that he needs to get back around the old team — or, at the very least, what’s left of them. With Aram and Park both gone, the FBI could look really different from how it once did.

Where do you think Reddington’s story will start moving into The Blacklist season 10?

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