The Orville season 3: Scott Grimes on more serious storytelling

The OrvilleOver the past seasons in general, one of the big trends with The Orville has been a shift in much of its tone. While the series start off as largely comedic, it has since over time been more willing to take on serious, super-emotional subjects. We’ve absolutely seen that so far in season 3 (New Horizons) over on Hulu. There have definitely been lighthearted moments, but also episodes that weren’t afraid to end on a melancholy note.

So is the shift for the better? We personally think so, since it has allowed us to learn so much more about the characters and see a legitimate journey over time. It’s also nice that the cast seems to think so. Speaking recently per Cinema Blend, here is what Scott Grimes (Gordon) has to say:

That is the show for me, and how Seth does it without pushing an agenda. It’s just that mirror of here’s something I’m going to tell you. You decide what you think we’re talking about. Sometimes it’s a little bit more in your face for Orville and some of these subjects. If the show would’ve stayed what it was the first season, which was just kind of this tongue-in-cheek thing, we might have gone a couple of years on Fox, but Seth wouldn’t have been satiated. The show wouldn’t have, I don’t think, gone anywhere. It would have just been another American Dad or Family Guy but live-action, and there’s just nowhere to go with that.

We’ve seen this season already the show tell a number of standalone arcs, while they’ve also been able to offer continuations in some of them to events from past seasons. The moments do feel earned, and the comedy a little bit more natural. This direction is most likely what we’ll see the remainder of The Orville’s time on TV, though it remains to be seen if it’s going to get any more story beyond this season.

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