‘The Lying Game’ season 2 sneak peek: Emma seeks Thayer’s help to find her birth mother

The Lying game

Things on “The Lying Game” season 2 are starting to get complicated for Emma.  Not only has Thayer taken off to Los Angeles leaving her to deal with Sutton and Ethan on her own, but she’s recently discovered some startling news about her sister and her possible birth mother.

In a new sneak peek of the next episode of “They Lying Game” called “Much Ado About Everything” Emma is in Los Angeles visiting Thayer and they are talking about a recent discovery in their search for her birth mother.  The night that Sutton was in her accident, she woke up in a hotel room with Annie Hobbs taking care of her, but Emma learns that Annie was not the only person in the room that night.  The hotel manager tells Emma that there was actually a second woman in the room with her that night, but doesn’t have any further details to give her.  Later the manager gives Sutton (thinking she’s Emma) a sketch of the second woman and it’s a picture of Rebecca, but Emma doesn’t know about the picture.

While discussing what she’s learned with Thayer in the sneak peek below, he suggests that everything is connected and that the woman at the hotel could be her birth mother.  Emma is confused as to why Sutton would keep something like that a secret and lie to her since they are both on the same mission to find their mom, so she decides to do a little detective work of her own (with Thayer’s help of course).  They are going to hit up the hospital where she was born and see if they can come up with the name of any women that gave birth to twins that day.

A new episode of “The Lying Game” season 2 airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC Family, so be sure to tune in and see if Emma’s new trail leads her to Rebecca’s front door step.  Looking for more previews for tonight’s episode?  Check out our preview of Sutton learning the truth about Kristen’s feelings towards her here.

Photo: ABC Family (Source: Spoiler TV)

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