The Boys season 3 episode 7: What can Starlight do next?

The BoysAs we get ourselves prepared for The Boys season 3 episode 7 on Amazon Prime, one thing is abundantly clear: There’s a lot of story coming for Starlight. She made one of the riskiest decisions of her on this past episode, though we know she’s made it for a benevolent reason.

So now that Erin Moriarty’s character has outed Homelander as a monster to the public, what does she do next? How does she move forward from here?

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The #1 thing that Annie has to prepare for is an onslaught from Vought (hey, that rhymes!), who is going to do everything they can most likely to destroy her reputation. Sure, Ashley and a lot of other people at the company probably prefer Starlight to Homelander, but they aren’t scared of Starlight that same way. They value their own lives, and they’re going to side most-likely with the new “boss” and try to destroy her reputation.

With that in mind, she’ll need to go on the offensive. Don’t be surprised if Starlight tries to use every advantage at her disposal to prove her point further, while also realizing that it may not even matter all that much. Remember that Homelander will have fans who specifically like him because he’s awful, and that’s a part of the tragedy of her move. It was brave and 100% justified, but there’s a chance that destroying the guy himself is really the only way. If you push him too far, after all, Homelander could just become a straight-up villain and start killing people. He’s already announced he is capable of it.

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