Magnum PI season 5 revival hopes: Another dose of cast support

Magnum PIIn today’s look at a potential Magnum PI season 5, why not share a little bit of optimism and cast support?

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It’s been a good 24 hours since our latest update, and we like to think that’s another 24 hours closer until we get some good news … hopefully. We know that this long wait at this point is frustrating, but it’s worth noting that it’s also expecting. Nothing is out of the ordinary when it comes to the process; saving a canceled show is difficult and there are a lot of metaphorical boxes that need to be checked off. Negotiations aren’t always fun; more often than not, they’re rather boring. (NBC is reportedly in deep discussions to pick up the one-time CBS show.)

What we can share today is a post from Christopher Thornton, who recurs on the show as Shammy. Just like everyone else in the cast, he is thankful to the outpouring of support and hopeful that something more will be coming down the road. Here is how much he wanted to get his voice out there online — he revived a Twitter account he hadn’t used in the a decade! Every single series regular on this show has spoken out about the movement, and the same goes for a number of recurring players. They all care about the show, and it means even more that we’ve heard from multiple people who aren’t even regularly on social media. (Chantal Thuy, who plays Lia, also recently retweeted a post of support for the campaign.)

At this time next week, the cast contracts will officially expire — that’s not a nail in the coffin for a show like this, though. The studio could extend the deals; or, the actors could easily jump right back on board if they know the series is coming back. We’ll keep you posted, but we hope for some significant news within the near future.

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How are you feeling right now when it comes to the chances of a Magnum PI season 5?

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