The Flash season 8 finale spoilers: What is the Reverse-Flash’s endgame?

Reverse Flash -As you move into The Flash season 8 finale on The CW next week, you shouldn’t be THAT shocked that the Reverse-Flash is back. This is Barry Allen’s greatest enemy and no matter how many times he dies/vanishes/goes away, he always seems to come back.

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Now, it’s almost as if this version of Eobard has overtaken the body inhabited by Matt Letscher’s most-recent version of the character. That was the most kindhearted take on Thawne we’d ever seen, so to see him gone and replaced by a Big Bad is pretty darn horrifying. There are also questions of course regarding what version of Eobard this now is, and if he has the same knowledge or motives that we’ve seen with some others that we’ve been able to watch over the years.

In the end, the big question we should all wonder is tied simply to move. What does Thawne want now? Is it just the death of Barry Allen or something more? In a new interview with TV Insider, star Tom Cavanagh equates the situation to a bit of classic literature:

Listen, when a guy has a white whale out there, he’s not gonna settle. And there’s more to it and I won’t give it away, but that is what it seems to be in broad strokes, you know? Thank you, Herman Melville.

Based on most of the early hype that we’ve seen entering the finale, it does feel like there are a few more twists and turns coming. That could mean surprise cameos — we’ve already seen thanks to the promo that XS, Impulse, and Jay Garrick are all going to be involved here. Who knows who else could come in and lend a helping hand? This finale could serve as yet another opportunity to see an iconic Flash / Reverse-Flash battle. We’d say that it is the final battle, but we thought the same thing about Armageddon. Who knows how long this goes?

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What do you think we will see from the Reverse-Flash in The Flash season 8 finale?

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