The Flash season 8 finale promo: Can Iris West-Allen be revived?

Flash season 4Next week The Flash season 8 finale is going to be here on The CW, and we’ve got more evidence than ever now of how bonkers it will be.

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First things first, Iris is dead! The promo below for “Negative, Part Two” confirms that, but we also recognize that death in this show is not permanent. In the past we saw Cisco die and be brought back, just as we’ve seen the resurrection of Eobard Thawne in episode 19. Time-travel and alternate worlds are so huge a part of this lore that we still think there’s a chance that she could come back.

In order to take down the forces in front of him (including the revived Reverse-Flash), it is clear that Barry is going to need a TON of help. He’ll have some in the form of Fast Track, but then also XS and Impulse coming through from their own timeline. Jay Garrick is also going to be around, so we could theoretically have more speedsters than ever in the same place! Will this work in order to save Central City? That remains to be seen, but it’s going to be the craziest battle we’ve seen in some time.

There’s one other storyline that is important to remember at the moment: What’s going on with Caitlin? She’s been largely sidelined and on her own in her attempts to revive Frost, but we do think there’s something being set up here that could play an important role in the long-term future. We know that the finale is going to at least contain SOME tease for season 9. It’s not necessarily going to be a big-time cliffhanger, but it’s something that could at the very least generate some buzz and excitement for what the future could be when the show comes back in 2023.

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What do you most want to see on The Flash season 8 finale, based on the promo?

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