Grey’s Anatomy season 19 premiere: Will it start off with crossover?

Grey's AnatomyWe know that there’s going to be a lot of stuff to look forward to leading into the Grey’s Anatomy season 19 premiere on ABC. Will that include a crossover with Station 19, or should it?

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We do recognize that there’s a reason why the network would do this, namely that these events with Station 19 are often a way to boost ratings. There is even one way that an event could make sense, and it has to do with Miranda Bailey. Because she’s not at the hospital right now but is still with Ben Warren, it’s understandable if we were to see her across both shows when the two premiere this October.

As for beyond that, though, that’s where we get a little less excited about the prospect. In general, crossovers work best when they are a once-a-year thing and you can really weave the shows together in a compelling way. Otherwise, you run the risk of them coming across as hollow or not having anywhere near the same excitement behind them. A lot of the big “crossovers” last season weren’t actually that substantial and were often a case of false promotion.

Our preference? The first episode will give us a taste of both shows, but the larger event will come a little later in the year. After all, remember that there are some specific storylines individual to each show that have to be resolved. Take what is happening over with Teddy and Owen over on Grey’s, or the current status of Jack on Station 19. These stories are not so tied to anything that is shared between the two.

In the end, separating the shows for good chunks of the year is important. Not everyone watches both of them; beyond just that, they have to carve out their own legacies.

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Do you think the Grey’s Anatomy season 19 premiere is going to kick off with a crossover?

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