SEAL Team season 6 premiere date: Could a trailer reveal ANYTHING?

SEAL TeamSEAL Team season 6 is in production, and we know that it is coming to Paramount+ hopefully later this year. That fact alone is exciting, but of course we’re left with a wide array of different questions. Take what is coming up next, or how in the world some of the stories are even going to be promoted.

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At some point over the next few months, we do tend to think that there’s going to be at least some sort of trailer out with footage as to what’s coming. Yet, it’s also not going to be able to show that much.

If there is one thing we’re confident the streaming service is going to give away, it’s that Jason Hayes is still alive after the explosion. We have, after all, seen David Boreanaz post some photos already, and it’s hard to imagine the series killing off their star/executive producer. Do we still think that the character’s role could be different? Sure. He needs to work on himself and better understand his own limitations; traumatic brain injuries are not something that can be messed around with, especially when you are out in the field to the extent that someone like him is.

Our prediction right now is quite simple: We’ll see a trailer either near the end of the summer or early fall with a premiere date for later this year, and it will be both action-packed and also short. It will give you a few highlights from season 5, the cliffhanger, and then maybe a few seconds of the aftermath. Would it be great to get more? Sure, but the job of Paramount+ isn’t to give everything away. Instead, the job is to get people to watch, and we think this will do that and then some.

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What do you think we’re going to see in a SEAL Team season 6 trailer?

Beyond just that, what do you think the premiere date is going to be for new episodes? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to also come back for some other updates that we don’t want you to miss. (Photo: Paramount+.)

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