NCIS season 20: The case for a 24-episode season

NCISThe premiere of NCIS season 20 is most likely still three months away, and there’s a lot to think about and wonder in the interim. After all, production has yet to even kick off, and we could be about a month away from that, give or take.

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One of the many mysteries that is out there still about the new season is tied to episode count. Just how many are we going to get? Our instant assumption would be somewhere in the range of 22, mostly because we got something close to that last season with 21. (We wonder if there was originally a plan for 22, but a production shutdown early in the year thwarted it.) Is there still a chance, though, that we could get 24? Is there a good case to be made for it?

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Back before the global health crisis, 24 episodes seemed to be the norm, and we know that it’s something still worth striving for. Take with this season in particular. The writers don’t have to worry about writing out a major character a few episodes into the season, and we would imagine that filming is now as streamlined as it’s ever been ever since things kicked off more than two years ago. If there is a perfect time to get back to this model, it would seem to be the present.

From a CBS standpoint, it also seems like financially, this would be the right move — more installments means more money! The only reason not to do it is to lessen the overall hours on the cast and crew, and maybe give them a slightly longer break — something that we do very much understand.

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How many episodes are you hoping to get when it comes to NCIS season 20?

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