The Blacklist season 10: Will we get more spotlight episodes?

The Blacklist season 9 art

The Blacklist season 10 will be coming in 2023, and with that we imagine a wide array of stories will be brought to the table. We’re going to have a chance to dive into of course stories where Reddington is in danger, due mostly to some Blacklisters from his past.

So while this may be the overall arc for the season, are we also going to have a chance to feature the entire cast in some separate ways? We got some unique spotlight episodes in season 9, and absolutely that is something that we’d like to see continue.

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The thing we’re the most surprised about entering season 10 is that we never got a full Reddington episode where we learned about his journey after Liz was killed. Maybe that was intentional. The show likes to present a world where the stories are at times more amazing than the truth.

With this being said, we would love to see the season start with a Cape May-esque Reddington story where we see him away from the Task Force for a time — but also one where he is more at peace. Since we know that said peace won’t last thanks to Wujing, we can dive into the world and enjoy it for a few moments.

As for the other characters…

We know that there aren’t TOO many regulars still around following Amir Arison and Laura Sohn’s departures. It goes without saying here that we’d love Dembe, Cooper, and Ressler to each have a moment in the sun. If this season does end up being the last one, it’d be rather nice to see them move towards an endgame.

Do you think we will get more character spotlights moving into The Blacklist season 10?

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