Animal Kingdom season 6 premiere: What happens to Julia?

Animal Kingdom season 3Tonight, the Animal Kingdom season 6 premiere arrived on TNT and over the course of these two episodes, there was a lot we were able to explore.

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In particular, these episodes gave us a fantastic opportunity to dive into the past and see what was going on with a handful of notable characters. This is certainly our best insight into Julia that we’ve ever had, beyond of course the character’s death in the pilot. We know that she becomes a drug addict, and you saw the early seeds of that sewn in the premiere.

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What we were effectively reminded of within this story is that Smurf is about as horrible a person as you’re ever going to see. This is a woman who is manipulative and wants to ensure her family stays under her thumb in every possible way. She even goes as far as to lie to her daughter about her status in school. She tells her that she’s been expelled as a way to ensure that she doesn’t ever advance beyond the family; she also insults her appearance and makes her feel like nothing. Julia’s one of the only people who can see through Smurf and of course, Smurf doesn’t like that.

For the first time really ever, the extended Smurf flashbacks feel justified on this show, and a lot of that is because this feels a little closer to the world we have in the present — with that, everything is becoming more clear, both the good and the bad. This is a terrible family for Julia to be a part of, and we wonder more than ever how different things could have been for her.

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