Animal Kingdom season 6: Jake Weary teases huge surprises ahead

Animal Kingdom season 3If you think you’ve got a good sense on what’s going to happen entering Animal Kingdom season 6, think again. This show has gone out of its way already to ensure that it is surprising, and that nobody is safe. Rest assured, these are threads that are going to easily carry over into the final batch of episodes.

So what will you end up seeing? Think along the lines of near-constant action, but also heartfelt character moments as the Cody Boys figure out if they can really run their family business — and also, if there’s a way they can fully get out.

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Speaking in a new interview with CBR, Jake Weary (who plays Deran on the TNT drama) made it clear that there is a real journey still ahead for all of the guys, and that is saying a lot based on everything we’ve seen so far:

I would have never guessed at what happens in those final episodes that we shot for this upcoming season, just that we would be in the situations we were in as our characters, handling things the way we’re handling them. I would have never guessed that that would be the situation five years ago, six years ago, when we started this thing. I think that is a big surprise. Just being like whoa… Pope and J and Craig are looking to Deran for advice on what to do. I was doing that the entire first three seasons and was so lost, and now to see all of our characters kind of gain these new responsibilities, the power dynamics constantly shifting as a result of that… That’s been really fun.

We’ve said this before, but we absolutely still think that one of the Cody Boys will die before things settle down. This show hasn’t shied away from taking out characters like Smurf and Baz, so it still feels like everyone needs to have that fear of death in the back of their minds.

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