Power Book II: Ghost season 3: An interesting premiere date debate

Power book 2 GhostWe wish that Power Book II: Ghost season 3 was premiering at some point in the near future. Then again, we imagine a ton of people out there feel that way. Season 2 ended in such a way where we’re all collectively holding our breath and waiting for more!

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Unfortunately, we know that we won’t be getting more for at least the immediate future. The latest season of Ghost will not be premiering until most likely the other side of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, at least per what Starz has done in the past. But do things really have to be this way?

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There’s an interesting case to put at least the premiere of Ghost season 3 on the same night as Raising Kanan’s season 2 finale, at least when it comes to allowing for some continuity. It would also make some sense given that the Kanan-centric prequel won’t be ending until late October/early November anyway. This is around when Ghost would be circling a premiere. This move could help to boost viewership and attention for both shows. We definitely think that Ghost will have its premiere ready by that point.

So why won’t that happen? Starz doesn’t really need to — that’s a boring answer, but it’s true. They’ve got so many shows that are successful, and they care more about subscriptions than necessarily one week of viewership. It benefits them more to premiere Ghost after Raising Kanan is done to keep people subscribed longer.

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What are you most looking forward to when it comes to Power Book II: Ghost season 3?

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