Animal Kingdom season 6 promo: The cost of the family business

Animal KingdomWith the Animal Kingdom season 6 premiere coming on TNT this weekend, it absolutely feels like the right time to set the stage for this further. We’re gearing up for what will be a difficult batch of episodes for all of the Cody Boys, and one question seems to overwhelm everything: Will they all survive? Or, is the family destined to completely fall apart?

In the promo below, you can get a small glimpse into the conflicts and crises that await Deran, J, Pope, and Craig moving forward. We should note that this is a promo for the entire season, so not all of this violence will be included on the series right away.

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We do think this promo is primarily effective in reminding you that 1) nobody is safe and 2) the actions of Smurf are still leading to reactions in the present. Yes, you can say that the death of Catherine is Pope’s past coming back to haunt him, but remember who was the orchestrator of a lot of that. Smurf micromanaged so much of his life and manipulated him at just about every turn.

We’d say to get ready for a bloodbath in this final season, but it’s important to note that the rest of the story isn’t just about violence. Instead, it’s the toll that Smurf had on these characters, and also if it is possible for any of them to move forward from it all when the dust finally settles.

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