Big Brother 24 debate: Does the show really need a big twist?

Big Brother 23As we get ourselves prepared for Big Brother 24 to premiere on CBS in just under three weeks, why not have a talk about twists? They’re one of the things that can often define a season, but also, turn out to be completely forgettable by the end.

With this very thing in mind, let’s remind you of a few different “twists” that have been a part of the game over the years: The Saboteur, BB Takeover, BB Roadkill, and the Hacker Competition. Other than a couple meme-able moments, do you remember much from any of these? Sure, every now and then you get something like Camp Comeback or the coaches that end up playing a larger role in the show’s endgame, but usually, we don’t find them all that memorable.

So does season 24 absolutely need something like this? In a word, no, and we almost hope that the show takes into account criticism from the last two seasons of Survivor. Sometimes, less is in fact more! It’s okay to have only a small twist or two, mostly because there are great seasons of this show that haven’t relied on much. Look at Big Brother 10. We’d only go with a larger twist if it is something wholly original, and also something that is well-thought out as opposed to just gimmicky. Take BB Takeover — it stunk because it was a ton of little twists masked mostly as a way to get some famous people to make cameos.

Rather than think about the next big twist, we really just hope that producers really put their energy into 1) finalizing an awesome cast and 2) getting together some top-level competitions that are different from any we’ve seen before. We think it’s become a little too easy for people to anticipate what they’ll be doing every single episode.

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Do you think that Big Brother 24 really needs all that much in the way of a memorable twist?

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