Magnum PI season 5 revival: A possible tease from Jay Hernandez?

Magnum PI season 4While there hasn’t been a lot of major news on the Magnum PI front over the past few days, there have definitely been hints. To be specific, a LOT of hints.

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Let’s start with last week, when we reported about the Production Weekly story suggesting that there could be some plans in the works on a season 5 already. Then, you have Perdita Weeks encouraging fans to “stay tuned” while commenting on the digital billboard placed in Times Square. We’ve gotten a sense of hope from multiple other cast members like Zachary Knighton and Stephen Hill, let alone the show’s writers continuing to be active and supportive on social media.

Now, we arrive with a new post from Thomas Magnum himself in Jay Hernandez. You could easily look at the beautiful Twitter picture and caption below and dismiss it as nothing; Jay’s also a smart guy with a key understanding of how social media works. He’s also been one to tease fans before.

First, consider the setting of the picture: On a surfboard in the ocean, with palm trees in the background. Where have we seen this imagery before? Then, there’s the caption of “sunset … or sunrise?” accompanied by a pretty sly emoji. You can easily interpret this as a debate involving the sun in the background, or the fate of Magnum PI in general. There was a time after the cancellation where it seemed like the future was uncertain; however, the sun may be rising with the series over on NBC! There have been advanced negotiations and at some point, that could lead to a larger announcement. USA and/or Peacock could be involved in some capacity, as well.

We’ve noted this before, but it holds true that there’s no need to announce anything right away. Cast contracts are good until June 30 and even with that, odds are they’ll all stay put if they know the show is about to get saved. Our hope is just that something is confirmed over the next few weeks, that way we can get a better sense of when production could start and when it could air.

In the end, the more teases we see, the more optimistic we become. We’re all just waiting for that treasure on the other side of the rainbow.

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Are you more optimistic than ever now about a Magnum PI season 5 revival?

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