ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Jack Coleman talks possible return after ‘Recoil’

Jack ColemanIs “Recoil” set to be the last chapter for Jack Coleman as Senator Bracken? We’re not going to know the answer to that question, tragically, until “Castle” airs the much-anticipated episode on Monday night. However, the actor behind the role in Jack Coleman is making it rather clear that if the producers behind the role come up with the perfect way for him to return, he would love to come back for another appearance as the infamous villain responsible for the death of Beckett’s mother.

In previewing his appearance this week, Coleman told TV Fanatic a little bit about why he loves to play the role, and also why he feels that having this character is so important to the psychological buildup of our favorite female detective:

“I’d love to come back. I really had a fun time this time because we had a lot to do. They really gave the character teeth. Stana Katic and I had a bunch of things together and every one of them was just laden with moral complexity.  I would say that Castle represents light and love and this guy represents the dark and death and they both have a hold on Kate Beckett. I think it’s really great for her character to have that yin and yang. To have the darkness and the light really both pulling on her.”

While “Castle” is largely an episodic series, executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe has done a nice job over the past couple of years of establishing a number of key villains for the characters to go after. When it comes to Castle, for example, he continues to wrestle with 3XK, who we have to assume is probably not dead after attempting to frame Nathan Fillion’s character earlier this season. We don’t know whether or not Bracken will get off clean after being accused of killing an alleged mistress here, but if he does we anticipate some more great showdowns in the future.

If you want to see some more sneak peeks from “Recoil” featuring the always-excellent-at-being-terrifying Coleman, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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