Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date: Will it be tied into long-term future?

Ted LassoTed Lasso season 3 is set to premiere at some point this year — that much has been seemingly confirmed. Yet, there are further questions. Take, for example, when it will premiere, and just how the show will go about promoting this particular batch of episodes.

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As of right now, the biggest question we’ve got ties into the future. To be specific, the long term future. You see, it still remains unclear whether or not season 3 is going to be the final one at Apple TV+. The writers are putting it together as though it is the end, but it’s clearly going to be star/co-creator Jason Sudeikis who has the final say on all of this.

Will Apple promote season 3 as the final season? From the moment they announce the premiere date, they could start rolling out trailers with that announcement in there. We don’t think they’d want to necessarily blindside anyone with the news later, so this is something that will probably be on their mind throughout some of the promotional rollout.

With that being said, we also think that they will want to wait on Jason’s decision before announcing anything else on the future. If he knows that he wants the show to end later this summer, they can start promoting it as such. Or, they could just leave it open-ended.

For the time being, we personally think that when Ted Lasso gets its first premiere date and a trailer, there won’t be any announcement on it being the end. Because this show is so popular on Apple TV+, they will want to leave the door open for as long as humanly possible — even if it means that the series goes away for years and comes back down the road.

At this point, we just hope a start date emerges before long; there is plenty of time to settle on the future, and the third season is currently in production.

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