Love, Victor season 4: Could it ever happen at Hulu, Disney+?

Love, Victor

Following the launch of the third and final season today, is there a chance that a Love, Victor season 4 come come to pass at Hulu? Is that something to realistically hope for?

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The first thing to note here is that obviously, the third season of the teen dramedy was created with the intention of tying up loose ends. Because this is also a story set at high school, there’s also only so long you can realistically keep the characters there. Some shows are better when they aren’t dragged out forever, and this may be one of those cases.

With that being said, could there ever be a season 4 at either Hulu or Disney+ someday? Never say never, though it also feels like another possibility is for an off-shoot or something else set in this world. After all, this show was spun off from the movie Love, Simon, so almost anything could happen there down the road.

It goes without saying, but there obviously is a greater need still for meaningful LGBTQ+ stories on TV, especially ones that allow viewers to see themselves in certain characters. Imagine what good a show like Love, Victor could have done for young people twenty or thirty years ago who were trying to find the best way to express themselves — it’s inspirational for some people and simply addicting TV for others. We want to see the future generation continue to see shows like this exist on some platform.

We do see Disney+ in particular working to be more inclusive in some of their programming — hence, their decision to also broadcast season 3 today. Hopefully, this will be a sign of things to come, and we won’t continue to be mired in the past where same-sex romances were limited only to supporting characters or arcs that were never completely fleshed-out or stereotypical in nature.

Do you want to see a Love, Victor season 4 in some shape or form?

How about a spin-off? If you’ve got any thoughts or hopes, let us know some of them below! Once you do that, keep coming back to also make sure you don’t miss any other updates. (Photo: Disney+.)

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