P-Valley season 3: Should we expect renewal news at Starz soon?

P-Valley season 2Even though we’re only two episodes into P-Valley season 2 over at Starz, one thing is starting to feel abundantly clear: We’re going to be getting a season 3 down the road. After all, how in the world can we not?

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What this show has already managed to do at the network is pretty remarkable: Give them another big property not attached to some other existing franchise. They need that — heck, any major cable network does. This is a show with a rapidly-expanding audience and also big-name celebrity fans. It feels like the only direction for it to go is up, especially after so many people caught up during the season 1 hiatus.

So when can you expect that season 3 renewal to come out? We’d argue that it makes sense for it to be there over the next month or so. Timing out your renewals is in a lot of ways as important as the renewal itself; it matters to give a show a gigantic stamp of approval early on; that shows viewers that the network at hand has a lot of faith in the product, and also has no intention for it to go anywhere in the near future. Also, it allows the writers to have more lead-up time for the next season and we certainly think that helps tremendously. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t! You want to keep people excited for what you’re planning in the long-term.

Hopefully, there will be a much shorter hiatus between seasons this time around; since the global health crisis is not what it was back before season 2 entered production, there’s a pretty easy case to be made that it will be back at some point in 2023.

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Do you think that a P-Valley season 3 renewal feels largely inevitable at this point?

Share some of your thoughts on the matter below! Also, keep coming back for more updates and remember, we’re going to have a lot more to share sooner rather than later. (Photo: Starz.)

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