The Blacklist season 10: Who is #2 on the list? Revisiting the mystery

The Blacklist season 9 artWho is #2 on the Blacklist? As we prepare for The Blacklist season 10 to arrive on NBC next year, it is still something we’re wondering.

For so much of the series’ run, we’ve been lead to believe that the higher up on the infamous list you are, the greater the threat you present to Raymond Reddington. If that is really the case, this person has to matter greatly, right? We’re wondering if they are being saved for the end of the show, and there is a good chance season 10 ends up being the final one.

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With this in mind, we’ve assembled at least some candidates below for you to ponder over; of course, we also want your feedback!

The real Reddington – Is he still alive? It feels impossible when you think back to the duffel bag of bones and the identity within that. The writers would really have to convince us, and that may not be an easy thing to do.

The Reddington imposter – It’s very possible that the most dangerous person is Reddington himself, kind of in an “I’m my own worst enemy” sort of way. We’ve always felt like the series finale title could be “Raymond Reddington” with that #2 attached to it.

The real Katarina Rostova – Tatiana, the impersonator, was #3, but it was also under the name “Katarina Rostova.” Does that mean the real one can’t show up on the list, unless she is out there?

Neville Townsend – We used to think so, but we’re confident he’s dead now. If he wasn’t, we probably would’ve seen that reveal in season 9.

Someone new – If there is a Big Bad leading the charge for all of these former Blacklisters, this is where we could see them emerge. In order for them to be #2 on the list, though, we’d have to learn a LOT about who they are and why we haven’t met them yet … in addition to why they are so dangerous to Reddington.

What do you want to see on The Blacklist season 10?

Who do you think is #2 on the list? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, keep coming back for other updates. (Photo: NBC.)

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