Super Bowl commercials 2013: PSY does ‘Gangnam Style’ for Wonderful Pistachios

Super Bowl XLVIIJust in case you thought (or were possibly relieved) that the phenomenon regarding PSY and “Gangnam Style” was over, all you have to do is know this: the man is not done yet, at least when it comes to doing his famous dance one more time during Super Bowl XLVII.

In a move that likely has fans moaning or celebrating, PSY was featured front and center in a new ad for Wonderful Pistachios that really did not have any real premise behind it at all save for watching a bunch of people in pistachio costumes dance around like the Korean singer does.

What works – Pretty much, it is exactly as we described above: Wonderful Pistachios makes sure that there is nary a second that goes by without their product onscreen, and having a goofy spokesman like PSY on board surely helps when it comes to their image. These are the sort of ads that the company has made famous over the years, and even the entertainer’s green suit is color-coordinated.

What doesn’t – The commercial is really just a little weird, and with the “Gangnam Style” craze dying off at this point, most of the people who hated this song to begin with probably hate it more now.

The verdict – If you loved “Gangnam Style” and you are willing to see it done one more time, this commercial is for you. If you hate it, meanwhile, this commercial probably wanted to make you throw your Wonderful Pistachios at your TV.

What do you think about this ad? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts below! If you want to check out some other Super Bowl commercials that stood out over the course of the evening, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: NFL / CBS

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