Barry season 4: Bill Hader on redemption; is it possible for Barry?

Barry season 3

We know that Barry season 4 is coming to HBO down the road, just like we know that there’s going to be a massive desire for more information. It’s hard for there not to be based on the way that season 3 ended!

Are we altogether surprised by the idea of Gene turning on Barry? Hardly. It was bound to happen in the sense that Barry was bound to get caught. This is a guy who may be effective at times at what he does, but is also deeply flawed and makes a ton of mistakes. If the truth were never revealed, the story itself would be unbelievable.

Now, we’re gearing up for a season 4 where the title character is seemingly imprisoned. Can he ever be redeemed? Is that really the point of this story? Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Hader had a fascinating perspective about a great deal of this:

He wanted to be redeemed by Mr. Cousineau, specifically, and he thought he got it, and then Cousineau [is like,] “No, you killed Janice Moss — you killed the woman I love.” So I don’t think he will ever get it, and I don’t know if he really deserves it. We’re writing season four now, so we’re just talking about that now and just where he’s at mentally and how self-aware he is.

Hader also noted in the interview that there is no clear end date in mind for the series at present, which isn’t that much of a surprise when you consider how many more directions the story could take. The idea that Barry can’t be redeemed would suggest that he won’t make it through the series alive or happy, but we wouldn’t think about anything at the moment as though some things are 100% guaranteed. We tend to think that there is always a little bit of wiggle room with a story like this.

What do you think we’re going to see when Barry season 4 eventually premieres on HBO?

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