Barry season 3 finale: Who was arrested? Barry and Gene’s big moment

Barry season 2 premiere dateWe knew entering the Barry season 3 finale on HBO that there was going to be something big that transpired. Bill Hader, from the start, has been the sort of guy to push the envelope with this show. He wasn’t going to stop short of singing for the fences here.

Now, we’re sitting here wondering what in the world a season 4 of the series is going to look like. Barry has been arrested! That closing scene with this character and Gene was so powerfully done, and it is a reminder of their respective journey, their secrets, and so much more. We know that Henry Winkler has won awards before for this show, but we’d be more than fine if he wins a few more after this.

With Barry now in handcuffs, what does this show become? We don’t imagine all of season 4 is going to be about watching this character from the inside of a prison. Yet, how he gets from where he is to where he could be should be a heck of a journey. The other question is what becomes of the Gene / Barry relationship after this. Barry’s probably going to be heartbroken on the other side of this for so many different reasons. (Hey, if Gene was absolutely intent on showing how good of an actor he can be, he totally did it in that scene.)

Let’s also take a moment to praise that genius shot at the end of the finale with Gene and Jim both outside, with the picture of Janice very much in the foreground. The world of Barry, and the plot of this show, never forgets.

The biggest thing we can say in the aftermath of this finale is rather simple: It was definitely worth the wait. We’re more curious than ever now to learn what the future will hold. What an excellent, crazy, and twisted finale this was.

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