Magnum PI season 5: If renewed, five things we need to see!

Magnum PIWhile we wait and see if a Magnum PI season 5 revival happens (at NBC or elsewhere), why not take a different approach to this piece and talk about the story?

After all, there is a reason why so many people are clamoring to see more of this particular world, and it comes down to the people, the characters, and the relationships. There’s so much great stuff that we get a chance to see with every episode, and a lot of what we’ve seen through the first four seasons should carry into a possible season 5.

So is there anything we’re specifically hoping for? Well, below we’ve got a list of five different things we’re hoping to see as a part of the upcoming season, no matter where it ends up airing.

Magnum and Higgins’ relationship, or at least the aftermath of the kiss – This is virtually a no-brainer. The events of the season 4 finale can’t be walking back, and we hope that the two continue to act on their feelings. Are there risks to the idea that they are together? Sure, but explore those! It’s a chance to introduce a totally new dynamic!

Rick and TC’s parenting challenges – Sure, TC caring for Cade is going to be different than Rick welcoming a newborn, but there’s absolutely a lot of interesting stuff to dive into on both fronts. These are going who are going to have to learn through experience.

What’s next for Katsumoto? – At the end of the season 4 finale, it looked like his days at the Honolulu PD could be over. Is that fully the case? There’s a lot of interesting stuff we can think about for him right now, including having a more direct role in Magnum and Higgins’ business. Wouldn’t that be a fun thing to watch play out?

More recurring favorites – Obviously, we want to see people back like Jin, Shammy, and Suzy who turn up here or there across episodes. We’d also like to see more of Lia! Even without her being a Magnum love interest, there’s still more that could be done with her. (It’s actually nice to see characters who don’t just disappear once the romantic arc is over.)

Of course, a compelling Big Bad – Heroes need villains, right? We think the show getting a season 5 would allow them to go with even higher stakes and also an adversary who challenges the team like never before.

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Provided that a Magnum PI season 5 happens, is there any specific stuff you want to see?

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