Super Bowl commercials 2013: Amy Poehler has fun inside Best Buy

Super Bowl XLVIILast year, we saw Justin Bieber play the role of big-name star for a Super Bowl commercial for Best Buy. This time around, it was none other than “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler who was the lead for an ad that was much more about humor than just cool gadgets and star power.

So was this ad successful? Be sure to share what you think after watching the commercial for either the first or second time below.

The ad – Best Buy, “Amy Asks”

The premise – Basically, a very friendly Best Buy employee tries his best to answer a myriad of questions from Poehler about anything and everything when it comes to technology. Not only that, but he also has to deal with some rather interesting flirtation that also includes a few lines about “50 Shades of Grey.”

What works – First of all, it is Amy Poehler. She is super-popular right now thanks to the Golden Globes, and her sense of humor works very well here to show off much of what Best Buy has to offer. Not only that, but this ad is also effective in trying to get Best Buy to appeal to more of a female audience.

What doesn’t – Will this ad appeal to some of the diehard Best Buy consumers? We’re sure that they would probably prefer something a little bit geekier or hardcore to some of the products that they offer, but the company must be banking on the fact that many of these people are going to be shopping at the electronics chain, anyway.

The verdict – Overall, we very much like it. We always appreciate it when advertisers try something that is a little bit different than the norm, and getting Poehler was a smart move for Best Buy. She’s funny, and even if the commercial is not geared towards the tech-savvy, “Parks and Recreation” does have a good many young viewers.

What’s your take on this commercial? Be sure to also head on over to this link if you want to see some more highlights from the big game.

Photo: CBS / NFL

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