Super Bowl commercials 2013: The Bar Refaeli – Jesse Heiman GoDaddy ad

Super Bowl XLVIIWhen we first wrote about the controversial new GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial this past week, we did so through the lens of what some of its stars in Jesse Heiman (who you may best know for being a Buy More employee named Fernando on “Chuck” for many years) and supermodel Bar Refaeli, we did so through the lens of what the stars were saying about it.

Now, let’s talk about the commercial itself.

The ad – GoDaddy, “The Kiss”

The premise – It is pretty simple here: Danica Patrick claims that GoDaddy’s goal here is to combine technology with a sexy style, and thus they have Heiman (playing the part of a tech geek here) kiss Refaeli on the lips for an incredibly long period of time.

What works – This will once again get people talking, and we imagine it having a huge presence on Twitter in addition to it going viral. GoDaddy has never been a company that tried to empathize being tender-hearted in some of their ads, so what they tend to really rely on with their commercials is just getting people to talk. Their brand is prominent here, and it actually does talk a little bit more about what their company really is than some of their past ads have.

What doesn’t – Let’s just face it: nobody wants to really want to watch two people kissing with the camera this close on them. It’s a little gross, even if it includes a supermodel.

The verdict – While we use the word “gross,” isn’t this was GoDaddy is going for? This is not going to be an ad that allows the company to accrue new fans, but it should keep their devoted users around for a while longer.

Overall, what do you think about this commercial: is it funny, or just a little too disgusting for your taste? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can see some other commercial highlights over at the link here.

Photo: CBS / NFL

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