Super Bowl commercials 2013: Wheat Thins and a yeti

Super Bowl XLVIIOnly a matter of mere minutes into the Super Bowl XLVII pre-game show Sunday night, we had what may be a winner at the end of the night for the funniest commercial of the whole event. It was for a product that we don’t see advertised on the show every year, and combined a completely original premise with random humor. In addition to all of that, it made the product look fantastic in the process.

The ad – Wheat Thins, “Yeti”

The premise – Basically, a man decides to stay in the kitchen with night-vision goggles, worried that someone, whether it be a mythical creature or his next-door neighbor Ted, is going to snatch his new buffalo-flavored version of the popular snacks. His wife laughs at him, but lo and behold both a Yeti and Ted hilariously show up to take the snack away.

What works – Literally, almost everything. The premise is very simple and well-explained, but it just so happens to be uproariously funny. We like that Wheat Thins opted to use an obviously fake-looking yeti rather than some CGI garbage, since it upped the cheesy factor to new level. Not only that, but the physical nature of the fight over Wheat Thins was also well-choreographed for such a short ad.

What doesn’t – Really, we can’t think of a single complaint here … and this is the first commercial of the entire game that we can say this.

Verdict – This is a prime example of what a perfect Super Bowl commercial should be: it appeals perfectly to the snack-loving crowd, as the humor is there along with the brand recognition. You want something that people will want to watch later on YouTube, and this surely fits the bill.

What do you think about this ad? If you want to watch some other highlights from the Super Bowl, be sure to visit the story over here.

Photo: NFL / CBS

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