‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: A Josh Dallas surprise

Josh DallastDeath is constantly hanging over many of the characters on “Once Upon a Time” season 2, but rarely do we see it addressed as openly as we are seeing it in a new tease from one of the show’s upcoming scripts that was teased recently

The line is from Josh Dallas’ character of David (and seemingly not his fairy-tale counterpart, given the name that appears on the script), and the message here is something rather simple: a character is going to be passing away pretty soon, and the character is hardly going to be particularly upset about it. Just this alone is a little bit of a surprise, largely due to the fact that David has long been interpreted on the show as being a character with love in his heart (save for that awkward affair storyline in season 1), and someone who wants to look for the good in everyone (even some people who are interpreted as being rather horrible).

So who could he be saying this about? We know that David has some sort of past beef with Anton / The Giant that will be revealed in the episode “Tiny,” just as we also know that he is not going to be much of a Captain Hook fan, either. (Who could blame him based on the guy creeping around his brother?) There have been some rumors that he is really just talking about Prince Charming’s brother here, but why on earth would he feel the need to bring this up within Storybrooke, especially given the character never arrived to the town in the first place?

OATWhat do you want to see take place with both David and his fairy-tale alter ego on “Once Upon a Time” moving forward? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also visit the link here for some news on upcoming episode titles for the show.

Photo: ABC

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