The Flash season 8 episode 18 promo: Matt Letscher is back as Eobard!

Reverse -The Flash season 8 episode 18 is airing on The CW next week, and it’s suddenly more intriguing than ever thanks to the promo.

Last night, we got an introduction to Fast Track, an intriguing comic-book character who could be written in a number of interesting ways. Now, we’re getting a reintroduction to one Eobard Thawne — the originally one played by Matt Letscher. We’ve seen him on both this show and Legends of Tomorrow over the years and of course, we’ve got so many questions as to how he’s around as “The Man in the Yellow Tie.”

In this preview, Barry accuses Thawne of being a murderous speedster, which is something that he denies and acts 100% clueless about. There’s a pretty good chance that he knows so much more than he lets on; or, maybe he really just is a guy wearing a yellow tie who knows a lot about science. The writers are leaving all possibilities open?

Could we actually see Eobard don that Reverse-Flash suit again, as he’s pictured above? It’s possible, but we’re also hesitate for the show to redo this particular villain for the thousandth time, as epic as he is. There was a lot of work put into him being the architect with the Armageddon storyline early on this season, so we think it’d be more interesting if this led in a different, unexpected direction. We also tend to think that Fast Track is going to be involved here somehow, and it also certainly feels like they could be a key player in season 9, as well. (We know that there isn’t much confirmed about that season yet, other than the fact that it’s happening.)

There are only three episodes left this season so rest assured, things are going to be moving quickly.

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