Is Karen Fukuhara leaving The Boys? Is Kimiko dead?

Kimiko The BoysIs Karen Fukuhara leaving The Boys after season 3 episode 4? Is there a reason to think that Kimiko could actually die?

This week’s episode on Amazon Prime did not exactly give all that much in the way of answers; instead, it decided to leave us hanging and wonder what in the world is going on with her. Typically on this show, we would not be worried at all about this character; remember that she has healing powers! Unfortunately, something in the aftermath of the Soldier Boy confrontation may have changed that.

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As Frenchie himself unfortunately pointed out to the rest of the team, Kimiko was unable to heal herself in the aftermath of that battle, which means that she could be vulnerable to just about anything. Her life is hanging in the balance, but there’s never confirmation that she is actually dead. With that in mind, we’re going to do our best to hold out hope for at least a little while that she finds her way through this.

For the time being, we can at least say there is no confirmation that Fukuhara is leaving the show, and we’d hate it if she was. Kimiko is one of the series’ best characters, and a near-constant reminder of the lost innocence that can come with being a Supe. She didn’t ever get to have much in the way of a normal life and instead, she’s thought of as a weapon.

At the moment, we’re optimistic the character will survive. If they were going to kill her, why not confirm her death like they did with Supersonic?

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What do you think is going to happen to Kimiko on The Boys season 3?

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