Is Giancarlo Esposito leaving The Boys? Is Stan Edgar gone?

The BoysIs Giancarlo Esposito leaving The BoysIs it fair to say we’ve reached the end for Vought boss Stan Edgar?

Well, at the very least, we do think it’s clear that the power structure at this superhero power-company is changing in a way that it never has before. Victoria Neuman betrayed her own father figure and secret mentor, and in doing so, allowed Homelander to ascend to a greater position of power at her own company.

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So why did she do this? Her motives have not been entirely clear, but on some level, she may feel like Supes themselves are the best people to come after Supes. She may also think that Homelander is eventually going to ruin the company and through that, she could rise to a position of greater power. This is clearly someone who is playing the long game, however difficult that may be.

As for Esposito’s long-term status, it is still possible that he has a role to play moving forward — it just won’t be similar to what we’ve seen so far. It’s inevitable in a way, though, that he wouldn’t be a part of this show forever! Remember that he’s also got huge parts on both The Mandalorian and Better Call Saul, so it was always hard to conceive that he could be in all of these places at the same exact time. Hopefully, The Boys can find some creative ways to use him even if Stan is behind bars.

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Where do you think the story is going to go entering The Boys season 3 episode 4?

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