The Boys season 3 episode 4 shocker: Is Supersonic dead?

Supersonic The BoysJust in case you didn’t think Homelander could stoop any lower, The Boys season 3 episode 4 proved that he can. This installment proved to be the most shocking one yet when it comes to plot developments — maybe not so much visuals. Nothing is ever going to top that Termite scene and then what happened to Timothy.

In the closing minutes of this particular episode, Homelander offered to fly Starlight away, and she probably recognized that something terrible could be happening. What she may not have realized, however, was that he was leading her to Supersonic’s body.

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Before this moment happened, we were actually starting to realize that Supersonic was a good guy! While he may be flawed in the way that a lot of Supes are, he also was just trying to do right by his ex Annie. He wanted her to be okay and promised to do whatever he could to help take down Homelander. She was resistant to him joining the Seven, but he wanted to be there to fight for her.

Now, he’s dead. This means that (once again) the Seven is short a member, not that Homelander really cares. Instead, he’s mostly just mad that Starlight was trying to plot against him, and it’s pretty clear that he will go to battle against anyone who chooses to do this moving forward.

The unfortunate thing with Supersonic is that right when we starting to get behind as a character, he’s gone — though, of course, that was probably the intention from the start.

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What did you think about The Boys season 3 episode 4, especially when it comes to Supersonic being killed?

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