Puppy Bowl IX: a Kitty Halftime Show, a locker room stream, and other favorites

Puppy BowlSuper Bowl XLVII will be on CBS a little later in the evening; but before we come to that, we have to turn to another major competition that is currently airing on Animal Planet: Puppy Bowl IX. Just as the Super Bowl is intense and exciting, the Puppy Bowl is cute and cuddly. By the end of the “game” that the puppies play, you generally just want to hug the nearest puppy and be curled up in a blanket all day.

It is also pretty incredible to think of just how much success this game has ultimately brought the network. It is one of their most-successful broadcasts, and year after year they do a great job of finding puppies homes that take part in the special. All of the puppies that you are seeing have already been claimed through an adoption service, and are getting an opportunity to grow up away from a football field.

Want some more action from the game? Check out the live stream of the locker room below! For now, though, we’ll share with you three other reasons why we love this game.

1. The nicknames – We love the fact that the puppies here are more than just creatures running around; the bowl gives each one of them personalities and a backstory akin to Colin Kaepernick or any of the people taking part in the actual Super Bowl.

2. The referee – This guy has one of the more interesting jobs in TV. Imagine walking around on the street admitting just what you are responsible for when it comes to this game.

3. The Kitty Halftime Show – It’s really the only thing as cute as the rest of the game.

What is your favorite part of the Puppy Bowl? Be sure to share below, and you can also check out some other highlights from last year at this link.

Photo: Animal Planet

Broadcasting live with Ustream

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