NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9 spoilers: Is there happiness ahead for Jim and Pam?

The Office“The Office” season 9 has been a roller coaster of emotions for all of the Jim and Pam fans out there as we have watched them go from flirty friends, to being in love, to getting married, to having children and now this season to their relationship falling apart.  Jim and Pam haven’t really had a lot of difficult moments in their relationship through out the years and have always seemed like the perfect couple, but this season we have seen a very different side of Jim, one that not many viewers have liked.  He has lied to Pam, invested money behind her back into his company, planned on moving Pam and the kids to Philadelphia without discussing it with her and has been under so much stress with the start up company that he has been taking it out on Pam, being short with her and not always kind.

In the past few episodes we’ve also seen Pam making a connection with Brian, the sound guy/boom operator from the documentary crew, who has been there for Pam twice now in her time of need – once after a fight with Jim and once when she was in danger of being hit by one of the warehouse guys.  Brian is someone that if Pam wasn’t already with Jim then we would love to see her with him (we also might be a little bias because we think Chris Diamantopoulos is fabulous). On the last episode of “The Office” season 9,  Brian was let go from the documentary crew for crossing the line with the subjects, but made sure that Pam could still be in contact with him.  Will we be seeing Brian again?  We sure will, in an upcoming episode it looks like Brian will actually be meeting up with Jim and Pam for dinner.

In the next two new episodes of “The Office” TVLine reports that there will finally be a few smiles shared between Jim and Pam when she shows up in Philly for a job interview (looks like things aren’t going to be progressing for Pam and Brian outside of friendship).  Also Andy will finally be back and while most of the office is excited to have him back in charge, Erin is going to be more then slightly uncomfortable around Andy now that her feelings for Pete have grown during his absence and she has told Pete that she plans to end her relationship with Andy as soon as he returns.

The next new episode of “The Office” called “Couples Discount” will be airing on Thursday, February 7th at 9 p.m. on NBC. Do you want to see Jim and Pam work things out or do you feel that it’s time for Pam to move on with Brian?  Do you think that Brian might be the person to wake Jim up and realize what he has with Pam?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: NBC

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