The Blacklist season 10 premiere: Will it be about Wujing?

The Blacklist logoIs The Blacklist season 10 going to kick things off in a similar way to how season 9 ended? That feels like a fair assessment. However, there’s also no guarantee that they will go the most predictable route possible.

In our mind, said route would be bringing back Wujing for one more go and making much of the premiere about him. Think in terms of “Wujing: Conclusion.”

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It is clear at this point that Wujing is in possession of the list given to him by Marvin Gerard at the end of the season 9 finale, and he is really the person who could get together all the people from Reddington’s past to come after him. Will he be the Big Bad for season 10, though? From our vantage point, that feels unlikely. He’s just not that big of a name or familiar of a character to a lot of people out there. Instead, we imagine that the writers are going to go in a different direction in use him to build up to some other threats down the road. We think Wujing is best served as some nostalgia for people who remember the very first season.

As for who some of these other threats are, a lot of them will be former Blacklisters, but it feels necessary to have some new faces mixed in here and there. There are still some names on the Blacklist to fill in, and we’re not letting go of the idea that the mythical #2 could end up being whoever the next major villain is — especially since this could be the final season.

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