Magnum PI stars send love amidst season 5 campaign; next steps

Magnum PIObviously, the past 24 hours have been tremendously exciting within the world of Magnum PIWhen we first heard that studio Universal TV was shopping the show around, there was no clear timetable as to when we’d get some more information. It could’ve been weeks; heck, it could have been a solid month!

Yet, here we are now, thinking about the possibility of NBC picking up the show with some support from USA on the side. It’s a best-case scenario in terms of a network home that could offer the cast and crew constant support, especially with their own studio deeply involved in production. There’s no guarantee it will happening, but the idea of there being talks take season 5 from a theoretical possibility into something you can start to envision.

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The best thing that has come out of the campaign to save the show, outside of the recent news, is seeing so many fans come together from all over the world in support of making something happen. We’ve been quite fortunate to cover the show for years and this is the most engaged and involved we’ve ever seen the fandom, and we hope that carries into a possible season 5! It’s been a thrill to witness, and we think the cast and crew feel the same way.

In the post on Twitter below, you can see Stephen Hill’s reaction to the relentless fan support — it’s one that has been retweeted by the official writers room and also Zach Knighton, just in case you need a further reminder that everyone is standing together behind the scenes. We’ve seen Jay Hernandez offer support to the effort in the past, as well, and we imagine more messages of hope will come as negotiations continue.

So … what’s next?

Mostly, it involves waiting to see if a deal to get done. It may not sound exciting, but a lot of it comes down to money. CBS Studios still has a share in the production, and that part will need to be figured out. Meanwhile, there’s also establishing when NBC would air it, what their budget could be, and also streaming options for additional revenue.

From a fan standpoint, this is the time to really put the pedal to the metal — there is a potential finish line and every voice can help the show get there. We’ll reiterate that nothing is guaranteed and talks could fall apart at any moment … but there is hope. That’s a fantastic thing to cling to right about now.

Of course, we welcome your thoughts in the comments; once we’ve got something more official on the future, we’ll have it for you here.

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