Magnum PI season 5 revival could happen! NBC, USA in talks

Magnum PIWe’ve wanted to believe a Magnum PI season 5 was possible the past few weeks following the cancellation. With that in mind, we do come bearing some potentially awesome news today!

According to a report coming in from Deadline, the folks over at NBC along with USA are in talks to revive the Jay Hernandez led reboot of the classic Tom Selleck show. Nothing is confirmed yet and a deal easily could still fall apart, so we don’t want to present too much false hope. However, just hearing this alone is a cause for great optimism.

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The NBC part of the equation makes sense. Studio Universal TV shares a parent company with the network and financially, it makes some sense for Magnum PI to end up there if it can average halfway-decent numbers moving forward. The arrangement could be that NBC airs some new episodes while USA carries repeats; we don’t personally believe that USA would be the first-run home for new episodes, but that’s just because they’ve done less and less of that with scripted shows over the years. We still wonder if Peacock could eventually have a streaming presence as well, given how many Universal TV shows end up there.

For now, the biggest thing we’d advise is patience — but also internet support. Now is the time to let everyone out there know how badly you want to see the show back! It was a very different thing when the future of the series was ambiguous; now, there is a legitimate suitor involved, and it is one that makes financial sense.

The one caveat

If Magnum PI is saved at NBC, you probably will not see it back this fall. The more likely scenario is that it would air at midseason, as NBC has already figured out their fall schedule. Odds are, they’d have to retool some things to get it on there and we’d be waiting until early 2023. Still, a long wait is much better than a cancellation!

Rest assured that once there is more to share from the Magnum PI world, we’ll have it for you here.

What do you think about a Magnum PI season 5 revival potentially coming to fruition here?

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