‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Sarah Herron, Desiree Hartsock discover Montana

The BachelorFor whatever reason, Sean Lowe seemingly loves to torment his contenders on “The Bachelor” may making them go through rigorous physical activity week after week on their group dates. What part of the photo to the left looks fun? This comes after our leading man put some of the ladies through a game of roller derby, and also a volleyball game that was extremely competitive in that only the winners got to spend time with him afterwards.

There will be a similar twist to this week’s date, which is something that is downright ridiculous since a woman’s compatibility with a guy should not be judged based on how athletic that they are. (Kind of lets you know that drama comes first here.) Desiree Hartsock and Sarah Herron are obviously struggling to carry that bale of hay, and who knows if they will get any sort of reward for it at all?

You can check out some more details about Monday’s episode (which is the first of two airing this week) below, including yet another moment of high-octane drama courtesy of Tierra LiCausi:

“Eight of the bachelorettes discover canoes, hay, a wood chopping station and goats at a local lake – uh-oh! They are once again split into two teams for a Montana relay race. The final part of the challenge will be milking a goat and chugging its milk! The winning team will be rewarded with extra time with Sean that night, while the losing team will head back to the hotel. One team finally squeaks by to win. But Sean makes a surprising decision when it comes to the losing team that is bound to upset the winners. And to make things more interesting, Tierra, upset that she will be on the two-on-one date, shows up at the after party.”

Yep, there’s nothing more romantic than watching a woman chug milk straight from a goat. When did this show become that ridiculous? While we could roll our eyes here at Tierra, she may have a major reason to be upset at the moment: going on a two-on-date is generally a good sign that you’re not one of the Bachelor’s favorites, and she may just be getting the feeling that she is being strung along for entertainment value.

If you want to see who we feel are some of Sean’s top contenders at the moment, be sure to check out our official rankings over at the link here!

Photo: ABC

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