The Orville season 3 premiere: Did Burke bring Isaac back to life?

IsaacBefore we go too far into this article about The Orville season 3, can we just state how incredible the premiere was? At close to 70 minutes this was easily the longest episode of the show to date, but one that was also supremely well-done and profound.

What makes this show in some ways so special is that even with a space setting, it still finds a way to tell stories that are grounded and relatable. “Electric Sheep” may have featured technological advancements left and right, but really it was about forgiveness, grief, and also finding a purpose to one’s life.

At the center of the episode was an event that was truly shocking, and one that goes against the oft-comedic tone of the show: Isaac opting to take his own life. He did not do this out of depression or mental anguish, but rather the thought that his presence was limiting the efficiency of the rest of the crew. As a Kaylon he is not capable of human emotion, but he could understand results and data.

In doing this, we got a sense of just how much the rest of the crew cared about him. They understood that Isaac was more than just a betrayal, especially since he walked that betrayal back. There was forgiveness in the eyes of many, though newcomer Charlie Burke was much less forgiving. She was the one responsible for eventually booting him back up, but did so not for him, but rather for Dr. Finn and her children. She may not see the good in Isaac herself due to her own grief and loss, but recognized what he could bring to others.

The premiere explored ideas such as hate, prejudice, fear, and redemption in a way that was serious but not overwhelming. It also featured a nice tribute to Norm Macdonald. Above all else, it felt complete. Kudos to Hulu for allowing Seth MacFarlane and the writers to tell full, complete stories without limitation. Even if this premiere was expensive, it was also worth every penny.

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What did you think overall about the events of The Orville season 3 premiere?

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