America’s Got Talent: Avery Dixon gets Golden Buzzer for saxophone act!

America's Got Talent, Avery DixonWe knew that tonight’s America’s Got Talent premiere was going to end in a pretty awesome way; can we introduce Avery Dixon to you now? This is our first Golden Buzzer of the season, and he is absolutely exceptional at what it is he does on the saxophone.

Before we get into this too deep, we should start be recognizing our own bias as someone who played alto sax for a good seven years in middle and high school. It’s an instrument we’re really familiar with, and some of the stuff that he was doing was super-challenging. He not only has an understanding of jazz scales, but also runs, breath control, and how to use the instrument as a part of the performance. Nobody wants to just sit there and listen to someone on the AGT stage; you have to give them more than that. There was a certain part of Avery’s showmanship as a performer that pushed him over the top.

There is also, of course, a backstory here that will make him all the more appealing to people out there. He is a young man who was bullied a lot as a child; he was born extremely premature, and he developed the awful nickname “Hammerhead” because of his appearance when he was young. This performance was a reminder to all the bullies out there that they haven’t been able to take him down. As a matter of fact, he is now stronger than ever.

With a Golden Buzzer from Terry Crews, Avery is now heading off to the live shows and he has nothing to worry about. Fingers crossed that he’s got another legendary performance in him since there’s always that expectation with this show that you need to constantly up your game.

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