‘New Girl’ season 2 spoilers: See how Nick and Jess react to ‘the kiss’ (video)

New GirlYou have likely been wondering ever since Tuesday night one simple thing when it comes to “New Girl”: how in the world are Nick and Jess going to move forward from the kiss that melted all of America’s hearts? Well, we now have an answer based on the new footage for Tuesday night’s new episode, and it is probably not going to make some of you out there hoping to see them hook up right away very happy.

SpoilerTV has compiled all of the eight (!) sneak peeks for the half-hour into one video, and it shows us quite a bit of valuable information when it comes to our favorite not-couple. For one, Nick and Jess waste pretty much no time at all in admitting to someone what happened; but while Jess at first seems to be describing the kiss as the greatest few seconds of her life, Winston is busy kicking Nick in the groin. Why? He knows that if something goes awry with the two roommates, someone is going to leave … and that someone will probably be Nick.

Eventually, the two are going to end up talking this over while at a convention actually designed to help Cece land an Indian husband (which is attended by Schmidt), and Nick will try to pass it off as something that he did in order to continue along the game of True American from earlier. She’s not buying it, and she ends up admitting to Sam what happened. Then, Nick ends up getting injured yet again, and we wonder if Zooey Deschanel’s character is going to be officially on the market again.

Do you think that “New Girl” is handling the aftermath of kiss-gate properly? If you want to check out some more news on what could be temptation for Jess in the future, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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