NCIS season 20 spoilers: Prepare for an intense Nick Torres storyline

NCISIf you’ve been wondering what’s ahead for Wilmer Valderrama as Torres moving into NCIS season 20, we now have a good sense of it!

First things first, let’s just make it clear how happy we are that Torres is even going to be on the show moving forward! There was a period of time when we weren’t altogether sure we were going to see that at all with Wilmer taking on that Zorro project. Yet, it seems like he’s going to balance both somehow moving forward.

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Also, it seems like the dark turn for this character isn’t quite over yet. We saw some of it play out in season 19, but it feels like another twist could still be coming. Speaking to TV Insider, showrunner Steven D. Binder gets into where some of this darkness comes from, and also how it could play out from here.

I think a lot of [the Torres story] stems from a conception Wilmer had early on about the character, which is that this guy is really locked away and he opened up for Bishop and she left, and he opened up for Gibbs and Gibbs left. I think we’ve seen him lock back up again and we’ve seen him struggle with drinking as a result of that. So it’s not that these things aren’t there, it’s that they’re really, really locked up tight, and at some point, it’s going to come out. We got a hint of that in the cage-fighting episode where you just saw some of his internal demons come out. I think that’s really part one. This is a guy who’s under a tremendous amount of pressure. Now he’s a professional and he’s getting the job done, but he’s got these internal pressures building up inside him, and at some point, you pop, and I think that’s in his future.

While this makes us very-much worried for Torres, we’re sure that for Wilmer it’s a thrill! Who doesn’t want to see some especially-meaty stories for this character coming up? There’s potential for so many twists and turns and we hope to see a lot of them.

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What do you think could be coming up for Torres entering NCIS season 20?

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