The Mandalorian season 3: An exciting behind-the-scenes update!

The MandalorianThe past few days have absolutely been exciting within the world of The MandalorianConsider everything that we’ve heard!

First, we got the news of a February 2023 release date; it’s a little longer away than we hoped, but it’s still nice to have it out there. Also, we’ve heard that Katee Sackhoff will also be coming back as Bo-Katan, which makes 100% sense based on her connections to Mando and this world.

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For today’s update, we’ve got some exciting news when it comes to directors behind the scenes. As first noted by The Hollywood Reporter, Bryce Dallas Howard will be stepping back into the chair for an episode coming up. This is the fourth time she’ll have directed an episode within this particular part of the Star Wars world, as she did two of The Mandalorian in the past and then also one from The Book of Boba Fett (ironically, the one revolving around Mando the most).

The Mandalorian season 3 is exciting largely in how blank a slate it is. We know that Mando and Grogu are now back together, and there isn’t too much of an indicator as to what their next move will be. Baby Yoda has decided to be at his side, and we imagine that there’s a long and exciting future that they could have separate from the sequel trilogy or anything else that is already out there.

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