‘The Bachelor’ rankings: Catherine Giudici, Lindsay Yenter on Sean Lowe’s radar

Sean LoweThere are some big changes when it comes to at least 60% of our “Bachelor” rankings this week: an old favorite re-enters the list, and we say goodbye to Sarah Herron for the first time the early portion of the season. As for why we’re doing that, the answer is simply that Sean has put her up on too big a pedestal the past two weeks rather than an actual recipient of love.

Our rankings are based on what are basically a few simple things: screen time, edit, comparability with Sean, and even how they react with some of the other women (hence why Tierra LiCausi is not included here).

5. Desiree Hartsock (last week: 3) – Where in the world has Desiree gone? Whether it be via the editors or via some other ladies jumping to the forefront, Desiree has started to fade in recent weeks. If she wants to be the #1 contender that we felt she was for the first two weeks, she’s got to get some alone time with Sean STAT … but just don’t turn into Tierra in the process to make it happen.

Catherine4. Catherine Giudici (unranked) – There are two ways that we see Catherine and Sean’s relationship going right now. They could be two people who are unable to get to a serious place and she will be gone before hometown dates, or they will dig deep and she could very well end up being his fiancee. Catherine’s got a lot going for her in that she and Sean already seem to have a great rapport with each other, and it may actually have helped them that they waited a few episodes before really ramping up the romance.

3. Lesley Murphy (4) – Lesley is someone that we still struggle to figure out. There are moments where we start to believe that she and Sean are meant to be, but then she disappears for long stretches of time. Is there really enough killer instinct here? We’re not talking about Lesley making a big move and deciding to rip the heads off of some of the other women, but she needs to be a little more aggressive if she wants to get the guy in the head.

2. AshLee Frazier (2) – At the moment, AshLee has “final three” written all over her. She’s smart, has a good relationship with Sean, and on paper fits everything she is looking for. Where the problem could come in for her is that she already seems to be pretty set in her ways in many aspects of her life (including working out at 5:00 a.m. every morning), and she may actually come across as intimidating at times.

Lindsay1. Lindsay Yenter (1) – Lindsay got off to a pretty horrible first impressive, but thank goodness she’s had the time to recover. It turns out that what we saw from her the first night was a young woman who simply got nervous and had a little too much to drink, and since that time she has shown off a deeper side while still having a great sense of humor. Think of this as the best comeback story since Chantal made it to the final two of Brad Womack’s season despite slapping him in the face straight out of the limo.

Who are you rooting for to win this season? If you want to see what one other contestant in Selma Alameri had to say about not kissing Sean (which is probably why she is not on this list, even if we totally understand her reasoning), be sure to click here.

Photo: ABC

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