‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Kurt Sutter talks Tig, writing in new video

Sons of AnarchyJust in case you are looking for a few more details on “Sons of Anarchy” season 6, creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter has shaken up the routine of doing solely Twitter Q&As the past couple of weeks and returned to his video format. This is his first video since January 14, but there is some pretty great information in here both about the upcoming episodes along with just how the writing process for a serialized show works. As always, it’s fascinating stuff, and it is a curtain we wish more showrunners out there were willing to lift.

The first subject that Sutter really takes on in the “WTFSutter” clip below (which contains as always strong language, so you’ve been warned) is just how quickly the writing process comes upon him after the completion of the previous season:

“We’re back in the writers’ room Monday, which is crazy. It all just happens very quickly. The good news is that I get very uncomfortable when I don’t have a regimented schedule, so I’ve been writing a couple of things during the hiatus … Just when I get comfortable with not having that regimented schedule, I’m back.”

In response to a question about Tig’s specific storyline, Sutter also described how he goes about composing a storyline for some of the supporting roles on the show:

“I don’t really know quite yet what the specific story arcs are going to be for all of the characters. I will tell you that each year, we add to the mythology of every character. The events that have taken place for Tig over the course of the 5 seasons are his mythology, and they will always influence the choices that he makes and the things that he does. Obviously last season, he had some devastating consequences that happened to him in the death of his daughter, and that will be very real and very present when we move the character ahead into season 6.”

While there is no other real scoop on what is coming up in the video, it does offer up a chance to learn a bit about what sort of bikes Sutter rides in his everyday life, and also what sort of contact he has with real-life motorcycle clubs when working on the show.

We should have a wider range of “Sons of Anarchy” scoop once the writing process truly begins; for now, we implore you to head over to the link here to see what other hints Sutter has dropped.

Photo: FX

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