‘Glee’ season 4 video: Heather Morris, Darren Criss show off their ‘Diva’ side

GleeWhen you remember that the new episode of “Glee” airing on Thursday night is entitled “Diva,” then it really should not come as much of a surprise at all that we are going to be seeing as many over-the-top musical numbers as humanly possible. With that being said, every single one of them that Ryan Murphy pulls out of his bag of tricks is going to have a hard time topping this cover of Beyonce’s “Diva” that can be best described in one word: theatrical.

Ultimately, we can’t quite figure out whether or not this video is awesome, or just too insane for its own good. For one thing, you have uncomfortable-in-her-own-skin Marley Rose wearing the skimpiest outfit out of everyone; and not only that, but Darren Criss’ entire wardrobe seems to be something very similar to what Adam Lambert wore at a recent event. The costumes are fun, but we don’t quite understand the notion set up here that only the women and GLBT characters on the show are qualified to wear the “diva” label.

As for the song itself, diehard Beyonce fans will probably love it; otherwise, it’s probably not one of the superstar’s best songs in that there is really not that much of a melody to it at all save for constant lines about being a diva or a “hustler.” The message is in away inspiring if you are looking at self-empowerment, though whether or not you get this out of the track will likely depend on how literally you choose to take the lyrics.

What do you think: is this performance of “Diva” fun to you, or are there just a few parts of it that you wish came out a little bit differently? If you want to find out some more about this episode, you can watch the official promo for it over here.

Photo: Fox

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