This Is Us series finale: Was that the ending you expected?

The This Is Us series finale has now officially come and gone at NBC, and that means it’s time to sit back and reflect. This was a good ending to the show, but is it the one that we expected or hoped for?

Based on all of the teases that were out there in the days leading up to the finale, it’s hard to say we are shocked by what transpired. After all, this was a full-circle ending based mostly on emotion, and also on the characters thinking back on their lives and the importance of Rebecca.

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There were a number of meaningful moments around Rebecca’s funeral, whether it be Nicky expressing gratitude, the Big Three coming together, or even Randall feverishly trying to get his eulogy right before realizing that each individual word didn’t matter as much as the thought behind them. We got a few teases as to what Kate, Kevin, and Randall could do next, but that was it. The flash-forwards were extremely limited save for a tiny one with Jack Damon; we don’t know if Randall ever becomes President, or what Kevin decides to do with the rest of Big Three Homes.

While this was a touching episode and a nice way to wrap up a six-year run, we also are a little surprised at its somewhat-safe nature. It is quite a feat that they captured footage for it years in advance, but this felt more like a muted goodbye and a trailing off of “The Train” rather than something that would necessarily stand on its own.

What did you think about the events of the This Is Us series finale as a whole?

Let us know below! Once you do just that, be sure to stay tuned for all sorts of other coverage on the end of the show.

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