‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 spoilers: Who jokingly wants a One Direction member on board?

Downton AbbeyThe craziest thing about the following story is that it is only the second-most-ridiculous celebrity guest star story related to “Downton Abbey” that we have heard this week. As far as we are concerned, the undisputed winner here still is none other than the story that Gwyneth Paltrow was actually going to be joining the cast; the following is really just a joke.

Speaking to Hollywood Crush earlier this week about what he would like to see happen in the upcoming fourth season of the ITV / PBS hit, Allen Leech had the following to say about Tom Branson and One Direction member Niall Horan that would actually be surprising and fairly hilarious were it to actually happen:

“You mean, my son? My son Niall Horan. Absolutely, and then we actually do a musical episode and we get the whole of One Direction in.

“I pitched it to Julian [Fellowes], weirdly enough he hasn’t gotten back to my email. No, but Niall actually is my son, and I gave him away. I had a choice: I gave him to a circus or a boy band, and I gave him to a boy band. I think he’s doing very well. He sends the odd letter. From the minute he was born, he had great moves and great hair. ‘This child has potential, now go forward and sing and multiply.'”

First of all, the quote above makes us love Leech even more than we ever had before. We don’t even have to try to go into this when it comes to why this casting would never happen, though the most obvious reason is simply that Ton does not even have a son, let alone a woman in his life anymore that he would reproduce with.

Nonetheless, we are curious now if Niall finds himself getting caught up in the stories of the Grantham family week in and week out; plus, he and Leech actually do have some physical resemblance.

On a more serious note, Leech did say that this upcoming season will feature Tom at times feeling lost in the world now that he does not have a woman like Sybil in his life. (You can check out some more from the actor at this link.)

Photo: ITV

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